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Looking for an exciting career in the Mortgage Industry?

Looking for an exciting career in the Canadian Mortgage Industry?

Now's the time to make the change.

Hercules Mortgage Group is Seeking Experienced Hard Working, Qualified Mortgage Agents

Please note currently we are only accepting agents with a minimum 2 years of mortgage industry experience.

*Connect with Hercules Mina – – for details on our Local Area Manager/ Mortgage Agent opportunities*

If you are a motivated, hard-working individual Hercules Mortgage Group would like to hear from you. 

Here are 7 reasons to join Hercules Mortgage Group today:

  1. Your business is based on your brand. As much as we love our Brokerage brand and think it’s great, this business comes down to the one-on-one conversations that you build with your clients and referral partners. Pay only the basic fees to keep your license and process a file. No additional fees.
  1.  We have built excellent relationships with lenders over the past 12 years that will benefit you today. Without a good trust and track record, files are harder to approve. Also, we receive top-tier volume bonuses from many lenders, exclusive to less than 1% of Ontario brokerages in some cases. You receive 100% of these benefits.
  1. Seeing is believing. We have reviewed in-depth pretty much ALL of the Agent training available in the Ontario mortgage market. Thousands of hours of courses, books, video. It’s easy to get lost in, and to be frank – some of it is fluff. We have curated the best training available in the market and combine it with personal coaching and mentoring. If you are willing to put in the work, there is no doubt that you will succeed. 
  1. We have closed hundreds of millions of dollars in business using the same lead program that we offer to you. After an initial complimentary phase to get you up and running, we provide unlimited leads to you at cost – no markups or sales program that benefits the brokerage other than your success with the provided leads. 
  1. Only pay for what you need. If you’d like some light assistance creating a closing package, completing forms and organizing your file you can pay a very nominal $50 per deal fee for this support. Or if you’d like complete hands-off support to close a file after approval, then we will close your file and handle all documents for $250. We don’t look to profit as a brokerage off these extra support services. We provide additional support at the same cost as paid directly to our support staff.
  1. We provide the most advanced technology solutions available to help you get ahead. From online applications, to deal management and documentation software, to digital signing and long-term client relationship management. Our leading technology solutions are available at no extra cost to you.
  1. Our fundamental goal as a brokerage is to add real value to our clients and to help build the communities that we work and live in. Everything else, including our pay, is secondary to this. If income maximization comes in first priority for you, then we are not your brokerage. By joining forces with us, you will do fantastically well financially, while also growing as a force for good and for positive change.

Commission split example:

  • 50/50 for first 10 files closed
  • 75/25 for the next 10 files closed
  • 85/15 thereafter

Costs of maintaining a license and closing files:

  • FSRA regulator cost: $900 annually
  • Errors and Omissions insurance is approximately $300 annually
  • Credit reports are $9 each

If you believe you are well qualified and a fit for our model, please contact Hercules Mina to discuss this opportunity.

Accepting Agents across Ontario.

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